Information for Professionals on Dementia

As a professional working with people with dementia you have a vital role to play in whether or not a person feels included in their community and feels they are an equal partner in their care. Your approach can really make a difference to the quality of life a person experiences. On these pages you will find valuable information and resources to help you keep up to date with developments in the dementia field. You will also local find Contacts who can help provide information on local services.

Communication and Dementia

Communicating Effectively with Someone who has Dementia
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2. Adults at Risk of Harm-web

Adults at Risk of Harm

Information on ways to Offer Support and Protection to Adults who may be at Risk of Harm or Neglect
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The sign at Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre McGregor House

Health and Social Care Integration

Information on Integration of some Health and Social Care Services
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Local staff who specialise in dementia

Dementia Ambassadors and Champions

Information on the role of Dementia Ambassadors and Champions
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Two professionals at a meeting

Keeping up to Date

Key Resources and Contacts for Keeping up to Date with Developments in the Dementia Field
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6. Useful Information-web

Useful Information

Further Reading on Developments in Dementia Care
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