Stay Safe

A diagnosis of dementia can be difficult to come to terms with, both for the person themselves and for the wider family.  It is still very important for a person with early stage dementia to Stay Healthy and take exercise, get out of the house and use transport, continue to go shopping, Access Community Support and maintain their normal social activities.   With some small adjustments carers, family, friends, professionals and the wider community can make life easier for individuals with dementia.

A person with dementia needs to feel safe at home, in the community, maintain independence and still make choices about how they want to live their life.  Ceartas offers independent advocacy to individuals, including people with dementia, in East Dunbartonshire and are independent of health and social care services. As dementia progresses there can be a tension between protection and safety versus independence and choice, managing risks and finding practical but sensitive solutions.  It is easier to have discussions about making changes to the home environment and lifestyle early on. A person with dementia may have good days and bad days and learning new skills may become more difficult later on in the condition.

In this section there is further information on: Driving, Housing, Dementia Friendly Design at Home, Dementia Friendly Gardens and Staying Safe at Home.

The wider community can also help to build a Dementia Friendly Community in East Dunbartonshire.