Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support also known as SDS is a way of organising care and support for people who are eligible for social care.  It can enable them to have greater choice in how their care is delivered and the level of control that they wish to have over this. This can be organised by the person themselves or by a Power of Attorney or Guardian who has been given powers to do this on the person’s behalf.

There are four options contained within the SDS legislation:

Direct Payment (SDS Option 1)

You could choose to receive your individual budget as a payment that would be paid directly into your direct payment bank account. With this money, you could choose to become a personal employer where you could employ your own personal assistant (PA) or

you could purchase services or support from an agency or other organisation.

Individual Service Fund (SDS Option 2)

You could opt to direct the Council to purchase your support. With this option your individual service fund can be held and managed by the Council or a third party organisation and would be used to pay for the support that you have chosen.

Council Arranged Services (SDS Option 3)

With this option, while discussions will take place with you regarding your individual budget and the support you require to meet your outcomes, you have decided that the arrangements for who provides this support and when, will be made by the Council, using their own services or services commissioned from another organisation.

Mixture of Options (SDS Option 4)

You may choose to use several SDS options to meet the different parts of your support plan.

Further Information

East Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership has devised a booklet with more information on Individual Budgets and for more information contact East Dunbartonshire Council on 0141 355 2200

Information and advice is also available from Take Control – East Dunbartonshire  Tel: 0141 776 2219/6342

The Scottish Government has also produced a guide to SDS Self  Directed  Support in Scotland.

For more information contact East Dunbartonshire Council on 0141 355 2200.