Most people want to remain independent in their own home for as long as possible, sometimes this is helped by the use of Assistive Technology. Within East Dunbartonshire the Home Care Team provides care and support. Sometimes the need for support arises due to a change of circumstances eg. following a hospital admission.

Your needs will be assessed either at home or in the hospital by an Occupational Therapist, Social Worker or Homecare Organiser.  Reablement support is available for between six to eight weeks and the level of support is monitored and adapted to your needs. The approach is to ‘do with’ rather than to ‘do to or do for’ people with dementia. There is no charge for the reablement service.

Following the initial reablement service a maintenance service may be arranged by the Homecare Team or with a council approved Homecare Agency. This service will support you with daily living skills such as:

  • Mobility issues
  • Help with getting in and out of bed
  • Assistance to wash and dress
  • Help with toileting and continence care
  • A reminder to take your medication
  • Assistance or support with preparing a meal  

Please be aware that Homecare Workers are unable to work to exact times and may need to vary the times you receive visits. Some of these services may be chargeable. If you are over 65 all the care you receive for the first four weeks from the date of leaving hospital is free of charge.  If you are under 65 you may have to pay for some services.  Personal Care is free for people over 65 in Scotland. Contact Customer Services on 0300 123 4510 and ask for the Home Care Reablement Team.

You may wish to consider Self Directed Support, this is a way of organising your care and support if you are eligible for social care.  It can enable you to have greater choice in how your care is delivered and the level of control that you wish to have over this. This can be organised yourself or by a Power of Attorney or Guardian who has been given powers to do this on your behalf.

Assistance with Domestic Tasks

Task such as help with housework, laundry, shopping etc. will not usually be provided by Home Care. These services can be provided by private agencies and are chargeable, contact the East Dunbartonshire Dementia Network or OPAL on 0141 438 2347 for a list of private care providers who will carry out these tasks.