Your Caring Role

Looking after someone with dementia can be rewarding, however it can also be a very intensive, challenging, and at times overwhelming experience. Providing this type of support often places many demands and stresses on carers, family and friends.  While there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ memory and we are all unique, you may have noticed differences in someone’s behaviour and have become concerned that they are not just ‘a bit forgetful’, but that they may be showing the first signs of Dementia. Some of the most common signs of dementia are memory loss and confusion, and it can also cause personality and behaviour changes. However it’s important not to jump to conclusions because each of these can be caused by things other than dementia.  If you do have Health Concerns about a family member or friend it’s a good idea to encourage them to speak with their doctor, who can refer them on to a specialist if necessary. A full medical assessment needs to be carried out before any diagnosis of dementia can be made.

If the person you care for does have a diagnosis of dementia then they may feel scared, emotional and require extra support. As a carer you, too, will have questions and concerns about the Future and Carers Link can provide you with information, advice and support in your caring role. Carers Link have produced a general guide to caring for someone with dementia.