Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is an evidence based brief intervention for people with mild/moderate dementia.  CST is delivered in small groups and involves a programme of themed activity sessions (usually 14 sessions).  Sessions aim to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia, whilst providing an optimal learning environment and the social benefits of a group. Each CST session follows a general theme, with choices of activities in order to cater to the interests of the group. For example, sessions might involve doing word puzzles, discussing current affairs, or music and playing musical instruments.  Research has shown that individuals attending CST report increased quality of life and improved cognitive abilities, such as concentration, attention and memory.  The guiding principles are those of person-centred care, treating people as unique individuals with their own personality and preferences. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy may be available to those with mild/moderate dementia. More information is available via the Woodlands Resource Centre or Glenkirk Centre.

Memory Groups and Workshops

For the newly diagnosed ask your Community Psychiatric Nurse or Link (Post Diagnostic Support) Worker about Supported Self Management or Memory Groups  at the Woodlands Resource Centre  or Glenkirk Centre.

The Memory Group run at the Woodlands Centre is for people with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers, the aim of the group is to provide accessible information and support to the person with dementia and their carer following a diagnosis. The group is run by Ceartas and Alzheimer Scotland in partnership with the staff at Woodlands and covers topics such as:

  • What is dementia?
  • Staying Safe at Home
  • Accessing Services
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Communication

Other Resources

Alzheimer Scotland Activities Library.  A practical resource which aims to promote improved wellbeing and mental health for people with dementia. It will achieve this through the availability of suitable and age appropriate activity equipment for hire for short periods of time that will help people to continue current skills, relearn old skills or gain new skills. These activity items will help to stimulate the person and supplement any Cognitive Stimulation Therapy that the person may have undertaken.

East Dunbartonshire Photo Library shows some interesting photographs which could be useful conversation starters or reminiscing.