Art Therapies

Art Therapy

East Dunbartonshire Initiative for Creative Therapy (EDICT) offer opportunities for people with dementia and also for carers. The focus of the therapeutic service is to provide a safe atmosphere for individuals to express themselves, share experiences and find mutual support as a means of dealing with their particular difficulties. The process of self nurture and recovery is made possible by motivating participants to focus on their own health and helping them in the most appropriate way to achieve a sense of well-being.

Music Therapy

Music therapy helps to maintain a person’s unique identity, reduces social isolation and aids relaxation. Taped music at bath time can decrease agitated behaviour. It might be challenging for a patient to engage in conversation, but as language deteriorates musical abilities are preserved offering the possibilities of meaningful improvisation.

Playlist for Life – The core work of this organisation is to encourage families and other caregivers to offer people with dementia a thoughtfully compiled and highly personal playlist, delivered on an mp3 media player device such as an iPod, of the music that has been meaningful to them during their life.  Through their website they offer guidance that can help individuals to get started.

Community Singing – Local singing groups eg “Mind That Song” bring together people living in care homes and the local community in a friendly and stimulating environment. Mind That Song Bearsden and Mind That Song Kirkintilloch

Care Homes Music Network – is a network for sharing information and good practice on how music is used in care homes.

Drama Therapy

Different senses are utilised through touch, music and movement to enable different parts of the brain to be utilised and stimulated. Dramatherapy works with the part of the client that is still functioning and well, building self-esteem, retaining a sense of empowerment over oneself, and promoting independence. The sessions are highly structured and consistent, allowing for concentration to come and go. This helps clients to continue with social contact even if they might not be able to participate in other groups.


Bibliotherapyis an expressive therapy that uses an individual’s relationship to books and poetry and other written words as therapy

Reading and Creative Writing Groups has a list of reading and writing groups in your area.