Health Concerns

Perhaps you are experiencing some memory loss, find yourself repeating questions, or forgetting recent events.  Have you struggled recently to do things which you used to find easy like using a debit or credit card, following instructions or grasping new ideas?   Have you had difficulty finding the right words to get your point across or found that you have been forgetting appointments?  Have you had the odd fall or experienced some mood changes, lost interest in things, become withdrawn or feel you have lost your old self-confidence? 

These can be some of the symptoms of dementia but everyone experiences dementia in their own way and there are many different types.    It is always best to visit your GP who can rule out other conditions which might easily explain these feelings and put your mind at ease.  Confusion or forgetfulness does not mean you necessarily have dementia, nor is dementia an inevitable part of growing older. For useful information have a look at Getting Help from your Doctor, a booklet by Alzheimer Scotland.

Benefits of Early Diagnosis and Assessment

It is important that if you do have dementia you are diagnosed as early as possible. This means that you have the best opportunity to: