Dementia friendly performance of The Magic Flute
26th April 2019
traffic sign displaying area of Birdston, is approaching
Pacific Care Dementia Cafe this September
16th August 2019

De Café update – two Cafés now running in Bearsden, and change of venue for Milngavie

singer performing at De Cafe showing array of activities that take place

The group watch a singer perform at the church

Some coming changes to De Cafes over in the West of East Dunbartonshire

Milngavie De Café

Milngavie De Café is changing venue and time from Wednesday 7th August.  The new venue is in Manor Grove Care Home in Milngavie and will be from 2PM-3.30PM.  We will have volunteers during term time from Douglas Academy to assist with refreshments.

Bearsden De Café’s

There are now two De Cafés running in Bearsden:

From now on Bearsden De Café will be referred to as Killermont De Café as there is a De Café starting in Bearsden Baptist Church on Thursday 10th October from 10.30AM-12PM.  As this new De Café is next to Bearsden Cross, it will be referred to as Bearsden De Café.  The church will provide volunteers to assist with hospitality and hopefully a musician for a closing sing song.

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